Download the Latest Version of Call Bomber APK For Android

Call Bomber Apk

Looking for a call bomber app to prank your friends? Look no further! Download the latest version of call bomber apk for Android and have a blast.

This app allows you to send fake calls to any phone number you choose. It’s perfect for pranking your friends, family, or anyone else you want to mess with. With call bomber apk, you can make it look like anyone is calling your victim. So download now and have some fun!

About Call Bomber Apk

Call Bomber Apk

Call Bomber is an Android app that lets you make unlimited prank calls to your friends. It has a wide range of features that allow you to customize your calls, including the ability to change your voice, add sound effects, and record the call.

You can also schedule your calls in advance, so you can be sure to catch your friend at just the right time.

Call Bomber is a great way to have some fun with your friends, and with its wide range of features, you can make sure that your prank calls are always on point.

How to Download and Install of Call Bomber APK:

  • Go to the Call Bomber website Ac market app on your Android device.
  • Tap the “Download” button Below.
  • Open the downloaded APK file and tap “Install”.
  • Enable installation from Unknown Sources: Go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources and enable it.
  • Navigate to the location where Call Bomber Apk is downloaded and tap on it to start installation.
  • Once installation is complete, open Call Bomber and provide the target number.
  • Press the start button to initiate the attack. Call Bomber will make continuous calls to the target number till you manually stop it or till the battery drains out.
 Call Bomber Apk

Features of Call Bomber Apk

1. Prank your friends 

With the Call Bomber app, you can prank your friends without having to worry about any consequences. The app is simple to use and lets you make calls quickly and easily. All you need to do is open the app, select the contact you want to prank, and then press the call button. The app will then place the call and play the pre-recorded message. You can also customize the message if you want.

2. Make unlimited calls 

The app lets you make unlimited calls to any number. You can call the same number multiple times or call different numbers. The app doesn’t have any limit on the number of calls you can make.

3. No need to root your device 

You don’t need to root your device to use the Call Bomber app. The app will work on all Android devices.

4. Easy to use 

The Call Bomber app is very easy to use. Just enter the number you want to call and the app will do the rest.

5. Free to download 

The Call Bomber app is free to download and use. There are no hidden charges or fees.

6. Safe and secure 

The Call Bomber app is safe and secure. Your personal information is never stored or shared with any third party.

7. Clean and Simple Interface 

The Call Bomber app has a clean and simple interface. It is easy to use and navigate.

8. No ads 

The Call Bomber app does not contain any advertisements.

How to use Call Bomber to Prank your Friends

All you need is their phone number and you can start making anonymous calls to them. You can choose how many calls you want to make, and you can even set a schedule for the calls.

The best part about Call Bomber is that it’s completely untraceable, so your friends will never know who’s behind the prank. If you’re looking for a way to have some fun and get revenge on your friends, Call Bomber is the perfect solution.

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Some Tips and Tricks for Using Call Bomber Apk

In order to use Call Bomber more effectively, there are a few things you can keep in mind.

First, make sure that the target phone number is correct. Entering the wrong number will result in wasted calls and may even irritate the person you’re trying to reach. Second, consider the time of day that you’ll be making the call.

If it’s during business hours, the recipient is likely to be busy and may not have time to talk. Late night or early morning calls are more likely to be answered, but beware of waking someone up if you don’t know them well.

Finally, keep your message clear and concise. The last thing you want is for the recipient to hang up before they hear your whole pitch. By following these simple tips, you can make the most of your Call Bomber experience.


How do I use Call Bomber?

Call Bomber is a call blocker app that allows you to block unwanted callers and spam callers. It also allows you to schedule calls, so you can make sure you don’t miss important calls. To use Call Bomber, simply download the app and install it on your Android device.

Once it is installed, you can begin blocking callers by adding them to your blacklist. You can also add numbers to your whitelist to make sure you don’t block important callers.

How do I schedule a call with Call Bomber?

To schedule a call with Call Bomber, simply open the app and tap on the “Schedule” tab. From there, you can add the number you want to call, the time you want to call, and a message. Once you have scheduled the call, it will appear in your call history. You can then tap on the call to dial it.

How does Bomber Apk work?

Bomber Apk works by allowing you to enter the phone number of the person you want to prank, as well as the name of the person you want to appear on the caller ID. Once you have entered the information, you can press “call” and the app will make the call for you.

3. Why would I use Bomber Apk?

Bomber Apk is a great way to prank your friends and family members. It’s also a great way to entertain yourself and others.

4. Is Bomber Apk safe?

Yes, Bomber Apk is safe to use. It does not contain any malware or viruses and it will not harm your device or computer.


If you are looking for a fun way to prank your friends, then look no further than the Call Bomber Android app. With this app, you can customize your pranks to make them even more hilarious and memorable for your friends.

The app is easy to use and comes with a range of fun features that will let you create customized pranks that will leave your friends laughing out loud.