File Manager 2.7.8 APK for Android – Download Latest Version

file manager apk

Today, Android file manager apk is one of the most popular file managing apps in the market. The app has been downloaded by millions of people and it is available for free on Google Play Store.

ES File Explorer APK offers a variety of features including file browsing, remote file management, cloud storage services integration, and more with its latest updates.

File Manager apk (File Transfer) is one of the lightest and most user-friendly file-sharing apps. You can easily manage files on your Android smartphone by using this File manager from Cheetah mobile that offers a transfer feature like all other competitors in its category!

It has a fresh UI design with friendly functions to explore shared folders, FTP, or popular cloud storage for transparently accessing them all through an easy interface; no need to go out looking around separately when there’s already something right at home waiting just inside these doors!!

File Manager is the best way to make sure you never run out of space on your device. This application can be used as both a file explorer or manager, with options for cleaning up all those useless files that are cluttering up our phones!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from using File Manager it’s how important having more room in order do things efficiently – so start this process by deleting any apps not needed anymore and freeing up some valuable memory inside Android itself.

Latest Version File Manager APK File Information

App NameFile Manager APK
File Size17.7MB
Latest Versionv2.7.8
Android VersionAndroid 4.0 and Above
DeveloperMobile Clean Systems
Last Updated2 Days Ago
Total Downloads2M+

File Manager Apk For Android Features

file manager apk

Data Transfer

File Manager allows you to share files and apps with other devices wirelessly through high-speed FTP, FTPS SFTP WebDAV, or LAN/SMB. You can also stream media from one PC over another without downloading anything!

Large and Unnecessary files

File manager allows you to categorize files according to their size and extra-large ones are shown at the top.

You can go through these folders in case of want to free up big chunks on your phone’s memory, which would be difficult without this tool!

In-Built Storage Analyzer

When you’re not able to find a certain file from the apps, File Manager for Android can be your best friend.

The storage analyzer in this app will list down all files according to their categories and let us know which ones are taking up more space than they should!

Installed apps and All files

Installed apps will show you the list of all your installed applications, which ones are used frequently and those that should be deleted.

Clean & Clear Interface

File Manager for Android has got a very clean and easy-to-use interface so you won’t face any kind of problem in using this app.

You can easily navigate around the different features available with just one tap on your screen, including cut-copy paste actions!

The layout is designed specifically from scratch by developers who know what users need when they want things done quickly without sacrificing quality or ease-of accessibility – it’s perfect if speed matters most to you right now!

Download File Manager APK For Android 

Now you know much about the File Manager app for Android and it’s time to provide you with a link so that downloading can begin.

Following these steps will allow one not only to access this exciting new release but also install it onto their device if they have never done anything like this before!

  • First of all open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Now scroll down to the Device Administration.
  • Enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now tap on Install
  • Done, Enjoy It

Final Words:

There are many apps with a similar name available over the internet, so don’t get confused among them. If you want to know about the latest File Manager APK download links for Android then keep visiting AC market app.

We will keep this post updated with the latest version File Manager APK download links, so keep visiting Latest APK to know about it.