Google Lens APK for Android – Download Latest 1.13.201020056 Version

google lens apk

Google Lens apk 1.13.201020056 is an AI-powered camera integrated app that uses your smartphone’s camera and search engine to detect an object in front of the lens, then offer relevant results such as all the available data in google’s online database.

Google Lens is an AI-powered camera integrated app that uses your smartphone and search engine to detect objects in front of the lens.

When you point it around, Google will offer relevant results such as data from its online database on those very same things!

This revolutionary technology also works if people are not within range but just have their phone with them perfect for any traveler out there looking for some new insight into different cultures or landscapes.

The Google Lens app is an amazing way to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a product or service. The feature works by scanning products in stores with your phone camera and then searching online!

Google Lens APK File Information:

App NameGoogle Lens APK
File Size21.09MB
Latest Versionv1.10.191126029
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
DeveloperGoogle Inc.
Last Updated2 Days Ago
Total Downloads10M+

Google Lens For Android Features

Google lens apk

Scan & Translate 

Google Lens is a great app to have if you are traveling or just need help to translate something. You can use this on the go, without having an internet connection!

Google lens for google pixel comes in handy when I am out of town and don’t know what language people speak here so they could understand my conversation with them easier.

Identify Anything 

The recent update of Google Lens has proven itself to be more than just a simple translator. By using this app’s new scan and identifying a feature, you can now get valuable information about plants or animals without having read any text!

If there are some interesting finds in your environment (or anywhere for that matter), then give scanning them an go with confidence knowing that google will do all the work for us .

Worldwide Availability

With Google Lens for Android, you can get the work done no matter where in the world from. It works just like a translator and identifies your input language automatically while also letting users change both languages to something they understand if necessary.

Easy To Use

This app might seem hard to use but if you have used Google Goggles before then this is very similar.

Every option available in the Lens Android App APK for scanning and translation work has a clear, easy-to-understand interface that won’t confuse or overwhelm your phone’s operating system with too much information at one time like some other programs can do!

The user experience here feels lightweight so there aren’t going to be any problems while using it as long as users know what they’re looking for when browsing through all these features.

Download Google Lens APK For Android

Google Lens is a new app that streams prime real estate in your camera’s field of vision, right between you and what’s happening around you.

It can identify items easily with its machine learning capabilities to make shopping or taking photos much easier!

Now it’s time for all Google users out there who want access before July 13th when this feature becomes available publicly release their hands by downloading google lens apk from the below link now.

Iif they already have installed apps then follow the same procedure mentioned above but if not no worries as will guide on installing those APK files manually too.

  • First of all open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Now scroll down to the Device Administration.
  • Enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now tap on Install
  • Done, Enjoy It

Conclusion Paragraph:

So, what is the Google Lens app and how does it work? It’s an intelligent camera that can understand the world around you.

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), this app recognizes text from a business card or menu as well as landmarks such as buildings and nature scenes like mountains.

You will need to download this free Google lens APK file in order to use it on your device. We hope you found these tips helpful and download truecaller apk!

If not, please feel free to reach out for more assistance; we would love to hear from you at our contact page.