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Hamraaz Army App Download 6.52, Hamraaz App 6.52 Latest version Indian Government has Developed the New Hamraaz app for an army that is ANDROID based mobile Application and all our loving soldiers can use it to communicate their service-related information as well with online services like payslip update on his Smartphone devices after downloading the latest version.

Want to know more about this App? Keep reading this post till the end! You can also download the Hamraaz app.

Indian soldiers have been using Hamraaz to track their pay for years. You can now use this app from your phone or computer!
We’ve got all the information you need in order to sign up and start receiving wages right away- we even explained how it works with mobile banking apps like MobiKwik so that there’s no hassle at check out time anymore.

We want our troops on border duty (and other servicemen) to get paid quickly & easily, without any fuss whatsoever; not just once a month but every day if possible.

It took me around 5 hours to assemble this detailed post on the Hamraaz army app. After reading this post, You don’t have to surf any other site for any kind of information related to Hamraaz’s latest version 6.52 apk.

What is Hamraaz Army App?

hamraaz apk

Hamraaz army app is one of the most popular apps developed for Army Man. Indian Army is one of the powerful armies of the world serving its duty with proper dedication alongside the border to protect us from the enemies out there

. This App is exclusively made for Indian soldiers, and this App has nothing to do with civilians. With this App, Every army man can easily track all his pay-related information. Not only this, but They can also communicate with their team’s mates and heads.

Hamraaz app is loaded with tons of amazing features, which makes this App so much popular among all the Indian soldiers. Here in this post, we have added all the premium features of this fantastic App.

What is the purpose of this Indian Army App?

The app is designed to make life easier for soldiers who never take a break. They’re constantly on duty and rarely get any time off, so their Indian government created Hamraaz – an excellent new Indian Army App that has been downloaded by thousands already!

With the help of this App, you can track all your pay-related information including interest and amount details. Download Payslip from our app for easy access! There are various other features available in it as well such as being able to create reports on demand or manage multiple accounts with just one click.

Want to know more about this App? Download the Hamraaz App and surf all of its amazing features.

Download the latest version of the Hamraaz Army v6.52 App from here and enjoy all the latest features for free.

The Hamraaz app has just been updated to give you all of the new features that are available. All we need from here on out is a click or two in order for our device’s software update function (which will happen automatically) and then wait until everything downloading properly finishes up before continuing onto Step 3 – Installation!

Here is more information related to the latest version of this app. Please note that the information shared about this app is genuine and is referenced from the official government website.

Features of Hamraaz Army v6.52 App

To find out more about the Hamraaz 2022 Indian Army App, download it now and explore all its features.

1. Download Monthly Pay Slip

With Hamraaz, you can download your monthly Payslip with just one click. The app also has an inbuilt option to track all pay-related information and it will be updated automatically as soon as there’s any change or update on the site!

Also Download Sarkari Results App from here on our website.

Hamraaz is an app that provides soldiers with all their financial needs. From checking your payslip to making purchases, Hamraaze has you covered! Download this amazing tool for free on either iTunes or Google Play store today so as not to miss any payments coming in over the next month.

2. Send Important Information via Popups

Hamraaz has come up with one of the best features available in their army app. Now, you don’t need to visit Hamraz’s official website for checking important announcements or messages!

With the Hamraaz app, you will be able to access all your notifications in one place. You can read messages & news from any device with an internet connection!

Stay in the loop and never miss an update with this automatic notification service.

3. Easily Download Form 16 from Hamraaz Army Apk

Form 16 is a basic document that needs to be submitted by every individual. This tax form also goes by the name of an income taxes sheet.

This is a necessary form for every individual in any organization, whether it’s the private or government sector. You can use this to quickly check if your taxes have been deducted correctly and that you’re not missing out on anything!

Now you don’t have to search for Form16 in google as all such forms related to the Indian Army are available in the Hamraz Indian Army 2022 App. Download the Hamraaz app and get stress-free from searching all such kinds of important forms.

4. Online Grievances Management

Online Grievances Management feature is also enabled in this Indian army application. Hamraaz app also has a complaint box tab available in the menu section of this App.

With this feature, You can easily complain about any of the issues you are facing during your work.

There is a proper grievances management team made for handling such a task. Forget about any other complaint box, Put all your queries in Hamraaz App complaint box

5. Change of AFPP Fund Subscription

AFPP is just like a fixed deposit [ FD ] type benefit for the Armed forces. With AFPP, Soldiers can easily save all their savings and deposit them in a bank account.

Later on, One can easily withdraw that money from any of the banks linked to its AFPP account. The best part of this AFPP is that At the time of withdrawal, you don’t have to pay any types of taxes.

You will get the wholesome amount without being any deduction. An important point to be noted about this AFPP Fund is that This special FD service is only for the Indian Armed Forces.

If you are in the Indian Army then we must recommend you download Hamraaz App and check all the information related to AFPP Fund Subscription.

Download Hamraaz Army App Version 6.52

Want to download the Hamraaz App update? Landed at the right place. Here in this post, we are sharing the direct download link of the hamraaz app latest version download link. This is one of the most useful apps developed for army jawans.

Previously, Indian soldiers have to visit the Indian army office to know about the salary information, Payslip, etc. With the advancement in technology, Amazing apps are being developed for the ease of work for soldiers who are standing in the border and protecting the country from outsiders and attackers

From this post, I would like to help each one of the soldiers who never enjoy a comfortable life, every time they put all their hard work into fighting for the country. Hence, We recommend all my soldiers bro to download this awesome App and enjoy all of its amazing features.

Various version of Hamraaz App

Hamraaz App Version 6.52

Hamraaz v6.52

Version 6.50

Hamraaz v6.50

Version 6.0

Hamraaz v6.0

Version 5.0

Hamraaz v5.0

Version 4.5

Hamraaz v4.5

Version 4.0

Hamraaz v4.0

Version 3.0

Hamraaz v3.0

Version 2.0

Hamraaz v2.0

All you need to do is to visit the download section of this post and click on download hamraaz army app 2020 version. Within a few seconds, Your downloading will start. Scroll down the page to know more about this Indian army app.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide of Hamraaz Army App Latest Version

  •  First of all, Click Here to download Hamraaz App 6.52 Version.
  • For our user’s ease, We have added the one-click drive link of the Hamraaz Army v6.51 App.
  • Install and Open the apk on your phone.
  • Make sure to enable the unknown sources option available in your device setting.
  • Now open the Hamraaz App in your android device.
  • If you are using this App for the first time, then press the Signup button available on the homepage.
  • Fill in all your required details like name, age, PAN Number, etc.
  • Also, If you already have an existing account, then login with your PAN Number.
  • You can also forget your password from this App.
  • That’s all, and You are ready to rock.
  • You have successfully installed the Hamraaz Indian Army App in your device.
  • Enjoy ?

How to download Payslip in the Hamraaz army app apk?

It is a straightforward process to download the Payslip in the hamraaz Indian army app. Firstly, You have to open the App in your device and login with your PAN Number to proceed further. Here is the step by step guide on how to download Payslip from the hamraaz Indian army app:

  • First of all, Download the latest version of the hamraz App from here.
  • Install & Open the App on your phone.
  • To download the payslip form, You need to have a special password.
  • A special password is a combination of 8 digit, which is a mixture of 4 digit PAN CARD Number & 4 Digit of Enroll Date.
  • Let me explain you with an example:
  • If your PAN Number is FCSYU8765A and Enroll Date is 29th MAY 2020, then your password will be FCSY2906.
  • Password will be the first 4 letters of your PAN Number & Date & Month combination in the format [ dd/yy ].
  • Check the below image for a proper explanation.
  • Simply enter this password combination to open the payslip pdf.

Recently, the Hamraz app is throwing 404 errors on its download page. If you are facing the download page error then you are in the right place. Here in this section of the post, we are going to share one simple method using which you can quickly download the Hamraaz Apk from here. All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps and you are ready to enjoy the Hamraaz app.

  • First of all, Copy this link in your browser [ ] to visit the official website.
  • This is the official website by the Government of India.
  • Open the above link in your browser and You will see all the details about the Hamraaz app there.
  • Search for the Download Hamraaz App button on that page.
  •  There are two options available on that page.
  • The first one is Login & the other is Direct Download.
  • If you have an account registered with Hamraaz then you can proceed with the first option.
  • Else click on the Direct Download option & within a seconds your download with start automatically.
  • The app will be download in the .apk format.
  • Install the apk on your device.
  • Enjoy ?

Customer Care Number for Hamraaz Army App

Are you facing any issue while using this App? No worries, guys, as here in this section of the post, we are providing you with the customer care number of the hamraaz team. If you are not able to download the Payslip from this App or facing any severe issue, then you can quickly contact them via the below-mentioned customer care number.

This App also provides its user with email support, All you need to do is to drop a mail on their official email id [ added below ] and explain your issue in the mail. Within a few days, Hamraz Indian Army Team will contact you and guide you to resolve all your problems.

Almost all of us have some common questions related to this Indian army app. So we decided to share all the common FAQ [ Frequently Asked Question ] related to this hamraaz App in this informative post. There are 85% chances that you will get your problem solution related to Hamraz App in this para.

Q1. How to hamraaz app 6.5 download, please send links?
Ans: Hamraaz is a revolutionary app with amazing features. Click below on download button Hamraz for your smartphone now and enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer!

Q2. How to download the hamraaz App?
Ans: Now, you don’t have to trouble to google with kws like How do I download the Hamraaz 6.52 app? as here in this post we’ve added a direct link for those who are interested!

Q3. How do I download my army payslip in hamraaz app?
Ans: Downloading the payslip in the hamraaz army app is very simple and effortless. Simply open your Application, follow these steps to download a payslip: go above through this guide on how you can get yourself downloaded with a payslip from hamraaz’s iPhone/Android device!

Q4. How can I get Hamraaz’s password?
Ans: If you’ve forgotten your hamraz army app password, then all is not lost. Simply visit this link and add the required details to reset it for free!

Download Hamraaz Apk 6.5.2 Latest Version

Final Words

That’s the end of this informative post on the Hamraaz Indian Army App. This is one of the most useful apps developed to date for the ease of Indian soldiers. In this detailed post, we have added all the essential information related to this App.

You can easily download hamraaz app 6.52 version from this post. Along with proper installation guides, we have also added the premium features of this App, which makes it popular among the soldiers.

Also, If you are facing any kind of issue while using this App, then please let us know in the comment section. We will surely help in resolving all your queries.
If this post proves to be helpful for you, then you must share this post with your friends and loved ones. Stay tuned with us for more such amazing apps. For more apps Download Ac Market app.