Metal Slug 3 Apk- Download Latest Version Metal Slug 3 Mod For Android

metal slug 3 apk

Are you searching for one of the best action shooting games? If yes, then you are, where you should be! Here you will know about the best and interesting game which is worth playing.

The name of this amazing game that you are going to read about is Metal Slug 3. Yes, you heard it right! Metal Slug 3 is one of the most interesting games that has amazing features such as two different modes and various stages from which you select any stage you would like to play.

Isn’t it interesting? Therefore, here in this article, you will get to know all about the Metal Slug 3 apk game. You will also get the download link of the game so that you can easily download it on your device.

Having said that, you will also know the process of installation of the apk file in your device step by step. So now without further delay let’s get started!

metal slug 3 apk

What is Metal Slug 3 Apk?

Metal Slug 3 is one of the best action games in which you have to complete a journey where you will face different enemies to destroy all of them. It is a very diverse game. In this game, the main character gets to ride in the elephants, swim, and much more.

With that, the Metal Slug 3 has different gaming modes also such as arcades and several missions. You can also do practice in a practice mode before playing an actual mission.

This game has different levels with different locations so it totally depends on you where you want to send the main character. Metal Slug 3 also gives you the feature of playing with any of your friends with the help of Bluetooth. 

Metal Slug 3 Features

  1. There are two modes available in the Metal Slug 3 game, one is arcade mode and other one is mission mode. This means that you can choose any of the stages you like to play in! You can also do practice in any stage to prepare yourself for the advanced stages.
  2. There are different types of slug machines present in the game which you can use for yourself in the game. These not only will help you in clearing your mission but also give you an amazing experience while playing. 
  3. Branching maps are available so that you can locate the enemies in your path and can fool them by taking another route.
  4. You can pair your game with the help of the bluetooth and play with friends and that will make your game more interesting than before. 
  5. You can also play it on your iphone and use different weapons to complete your journey.
  6. You can get a player rank also by completing achievements. For that you have to beat those scorers who have more number of achievements than you by maximizing your achievements.

What makes it The Best Apk? 

  • Downloading Metal Slug 3 could be the best decision to make because of its genuineness. It is a shooting game and you can download in on your android device without facing any problem. It is very easy to play this game. You will find different game modes in Metal Slug 3 game so you can choose any mode you want to play in. Many new features have been added in this game. You can find drill slugs, camels, mariners, elephant slugs etc in this game while playing. Not only this but you can also play with anyone using the phone’s bluetooth. Just tell them to download and install Metal Slug 3 on their phone after that, make a pair with them via bluetooth and start playing this amazing game. 
  • Another thing to note in this game is that the graphics of the Metal slug 3 apk are very intuitive. It is a two dimensional action shooting game so it allows you to play in any device be it a low- end phone too because graphics are not of a much high quality. The graphics will be the same for every device. Therefore looking beyond the graphics, such as the actual action or arcade mode shooting game, it’s of course the best game to consider.
  • Maps are available in the game so it becomes easy for you to locate your enemies and this will help you in moving forward to the game journey. Maps feature has been provided to let you fool enemies so that you can easily pass from a clear path where there are no enemies present. Therefore it’s an amazing feature of this game that saves you in many ways and helps you play for a longer time. 
  • This game is totally safe to download and install and does not cause any kind of issue later. So considering and downloading this game is worth playing.

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How to install it on your android?

It is not very tough to install Metal Slug 3 apk on your device. In order to install it first of all you have to download a file then, later on, complete a small process to install and play.

Now follow the given steps to install it on your device-

Step 1- Click on the download apk link from above and let the downloading process finish.

Step 2- After the file is downloaded, go to the settings of your device.

Step 3- Now click on security and turn on the option of “allow unknown sources” to install the downloaded file.

Step 4- Now go to the file manager of your android device and find the downloaded file.

Step 5- Once found, click on the apk file and let it complete the process of installation which won’t take much time. 

Step 6- After it gets installed on your device you can play the Metal Slug 3 game and enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: What is Metal Slug 3 apk?

Answer: Metal Slug 3 apk is a very interesting and amazing action shooting game with amazing features and intuitive graphics.

Ques: What are the features of the Metal Slug 3 apk?

Answer: Branching maps are available so that you can locate the enemies in your path and can fool them by taking another route.

You can pair your game with the help of Bluetooth and play with friends and that will make your game more interesting than before, You will find different game modes in the Metal Slug 3 game so you can choose any model you want to play in and many more features.

Ques: Is it safe to download this game?

Answer: This game is 100% safe to download and will not cause any problem to your device. The apk file provided above is from a trusted source. So be free from this worry and download it now to experience the best action gaming!

To download click on the link given below:


It’s time, to sum up, but before that, you should know that this game is played by millions. But now because PUBG and GTA 5 games are more in demand so many game lovers are missing this interesting game. It is really a very amazing shooting game and free from any hotchpotch.

The interface is good and so is the whole game. If you haven’t downloaded it yet then you should definitely download and install this amazing game. It’s worth considering and playing this game.