Apple Pie APK Free Download 1.0 Latest Version For Android

apple pie apk

No one likes to be embarrassed in public, but it’s the best feeling when you do it to someone else. With apple pie apk, prank your friends with fake and funny messages or make them think they’re calling someone when they aren’t!

There is no better feeling than seeing your friend blush and walk away from their phone like a fool! If embarrassing people in public is what you want then apple pie apk is for you.

You can make pranks with your buddies by calling them, or setting their mobile phone wallpaper according to a choice you have made And also download apex launcher apk for more wallpaper.

If you want to embarrass your friends in public, then this social media application is perfect for pranking them. Send funny messages and make fake calls everything can be applied when it comes to making a fool out of someone else!

Apple Pie Apk Features:

apple pie apk


The icon of this application makes the user think that it is an app by Steve Jobs. Designed for Apple Incorporation, except for in having his logo on there not to mention what you would expect from any other company there are no further indications as to who might have created or developed such software.

The fake photo when tapping starts off showing colors wrong but quickly changes so its not even recognizable anymore after just one glance!

You can now prank your friends around town with this little trickery device!

Types of Pranks

The newest app for Android devices is a must-have if you’re looking to have some fun pranking your friends and family. With different types of Prank Ideas, this application will keep everyone laughing all day long!

Invite Friends

You can send the link of Apple pie APK to your friends via WhatsApp or any social media messaging medium. After installation, it will look like a normal application related to Steve Jobs and Apple!

This is because this mobile app takes over the user’s phones while playing irritating sounds with full volume- not just voice but also changing wallpaper & ringtone automatically making them double embarrassed if they haven’t plugged in their headphones yet.

Supports Android

The application is simple and easy to use, even on old versions of android. The developers have made sure that it will work for everyone regardless if they’re using 4 or higher version devices- all you need are supported browsers installed on your device!


The application will never show you ads or banners, so it’s completely free! The user interface is very simple and easy to use.


Implanted with a cool new app, you can finally do those things from your phone without being tied to the internet.

This lightweight and efficient program will run on any device no matter what! You’ll be able to share it too .so everyone’s in on the joke together.

Download Apple Pie APK For Android

  • irst of all open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Now scroll down to the Device Administration.
  • Enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
  • Next is Tapto Install
  • Done It.

Conclusion Paragraph:

It’s never been easier to prank your friends and colleagues with the latest technology. You can now do so from a distance or even anonymously, all through a smartphone app like Apple Pie APK download.

If you want to be really mean about it, send them an adult-themed video disguised as something else.

But if you have more good humor than malice in your heart, try sending them some of those classic pranks that we used back when school was just fun toilet paper on their seat, swapping out their shampoo for hair gel.

The possibilities are endless! What’s your favorite way to prank someone? and also download real cricket 20 apk here: