Apex Launcher Apk Download 4.9.20 Latest Version for Android

apex launcher apk

Apex Launcher Apk is a popular app that allows you to install Apex Launcher on your device. It has many features that allow Apex launcher to be one of the best launchers for Android devices.

Download the free Apex Launcher application for your Android to get an awesome, attractive background decoration and some great icons.

You’re looking for the best launcher? We have a really big collection of customizable launchers. You can choose anyone that suits your style and preferences, but Apex Launcher Pro has earned its place as being among them most popular Android utilities in today’s market!

Information of Apex Launcher Apk

Size4.7 MB 4.0.3
Required Android4.0.3+
Updated2 Days Ago

What is Apex Launcher Apk?

Android users love their phones because they can customize everything. From changing icons to rearranging shortcuts on the home screen, there are endless possibilities in Android Land!

apex launcher apk

The big downside with this flexibility is that sometimes things get out-of-hand and won’t work how you want them too; but don’t worry – if your device isn’t working for some reason, we have guides here at Gadget Helper who will help fix it right away so give us a call whenever possible.

It’s easy to install Apex Launcher Apk, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. There are many different websites and stores that provide this app for free of charge so all one must do is head over there!

Android has a built-in launcher that can be changed to suit your needs, but when you need more control over how things look or work there are other options.

The default option is good if all of the others don’t fit what you’re looking for and ApexLauncher 7+ offers many customization features which should definitely interest people who want something different from their phone’s home page experience!

A person who is looking for a launcher should consider the Apex Launcher App. This application offers many features and customizable options, so you can make your home screen look exactly how want it too!

The first thing I would like to mention about this app are its Efficiency settings in which there are four different categories: Minimalistic setup; Full Featured UI with multiple pages etc.

You’ll be able find one that works best based on how much space you have available out of all these choices but check them out anyways because they’re pretty interesting – even if only three-page layouts appeal more towards me personally.

The best feature of the apex launcher apk is that it changes your icons, backgrounds and even tweaks the look of your home screen. You can customize them as you see fit!

The dock setting is mostly for shortcuts like set up a flashlight or contact list with just one tap on any app’s icon in order to use them quickly without having to search around every time

It also provides options such us switching between different profiles which include work mode (more productivity-focused), playtime(less concentration required) by selecting appropriate settings accordingly.

How to Use

In order to use Apex Launcher for Android, you need only install the app and pinch your phone’s home screen.

Once there press hard enough so that it’ll open up with a preview window of sorts before dragging inwards (in case if needed). You can also customize what appears on individual screens by loading different themes from within this same menu!


  • The feature has powerful drawer customization so you can create any design your heart desires!
  • More gestures are available, including a two-finger gesture.
  • With this new app, you can create folders to organize your files and keep them safe.
  • The costume has a lot of different customization options.


  • The app will access the widget data on your home screen. You can even swipe left to unlock it and see what’s new!
  • It is sometimes difficult to set

Apex Launcher Features

Awesome Free themes: With the Apex launcher, you can get all of your favorite themes in one place.

HD wallpapers: Now you can have a big collection of wallpapers that are already for your own personal customization.

Shortcut for Contacts: With the shortcuts to go to contacts, it is easy for you to call up your favorite people and talk.

App Manage: There’s no need to waste time managing your apps when you can easily arrange them in a folder, change their place, and other activities.

Toolbox: To make your toolbox more useful, you need to put all the important items in one place. This will help avoid searching for things like flashlights or game apps when they’re really just a few seconds away from being found!

Wrapping up:

 Apex Launcher Apk is a free and extremely customizable launcher for android phones. With millions of downloads, it has the highest rating on the market as well as being one of the most downloaded launchers in 2018.

If you want to customize your home screen with an easy-to-use interface that makes everything easier than ever before, check out this new app today!