Download Latest version Emoji keyboard Apk- Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers

Emoji Keyboard apk

If you are a person who likes to use Emoji, Emoticons and GIFs in your text messages or emails then this is the perfect app for you. Emoji Keyboard APK has over 2000 Emojis, 100+ Emoticon, and 300+ GIFs that can be used to help express yourself with one simple tap of your finger.

There are also many different skin colors so it’s easy to find an emoji that matches your skin tone! It’s super fun using the keyboard because there is no limit on how many times you can send out all these cool new smileys in just one day!

You know that Emoji Keyboard is the best Emojis, GIFs, and stickers app for Android. Emoji keyboard APK free download latest version from Emoji Pure. This app is listed in the Tools category of the Google APP store or Ac market app store.

The new Emoji keyboard apk has fun stickers, emoticons, and GIFs that you can use to express your feelings in messages. It also offers a dictionary of emojis so users don’t have to search all over for what they need!

Download Emoji Keyboard APK

Application NameEmoji Keyboard
File Nameemojikeyboard-8.4.3.apk
Total Size17.8 MB
Latest Version 3.2
Minimum Android Version RequiredAndroid 5.0+ (Lollipop, API 21)
Updated On2 Days Ago

Full Description of Emoji Keyboard APK

emoji keyboard apk

Do you find yourself always hovered over the keyboard on your phone, tapping away at each letter with irrational fury because it takes so long to type out one single sentence? If this is happening then we have some great news for you!

A third-party app has been discovered that will change how fast and easily communicate throughout all types of conversations. Why not try Emoji Keyboard – customize both typing process as well as appearance based off what fits best into everyday use (even if it’s just sending quick messages)?

This innovative software comes complete with a powerful functionality which was designed specifically by experts who know exactly how much extra customization can make life easier in general settings like communicating via text message or social media platforms.

With a huge collection of Emoji Keyboard themes, you can drastically change the style of your messenger panel download packs or emoticons to add flavor for expressing Yourself in instant messengers and social networks.

The developers have taken an experienced approach to correct text which significantly speeds up typing without being distracted by minor mistakes – this app does all that while letting users focus on what’s important: communicating effectively with other people through their messages!

Feature of Emoji Keyboard APK

Numerous emojis

You will be able to express all of your moods and emotions with the wide range of emojis on offer here.


You can’t miss out on this! There are stickers for every occasion and it is an exclusive experience.


The most adorable thing in the world are GIFs. They make everything seem more exciting and interesting, not to mention that they allow us a way of telling our feelings without having any words for it!

There’s no perfect pack out there- every person has their own type of mood which is expressed through these short videos.

Various themes

There’s a reason why every theme is so perfect. Each new background, recipient name and text message brings your phone to life with endless possibilities for creativity!

Change it up today by downloading some fresh content from our diverse selection of beautiful themes available on our apk.

Free to use

It’s free to use! You won’t have to pay anything for the app or download it. It’s as simple as opening up your browser and going wherever you want on this site.

How to Install Emoji Keyboard APK?

  • First of all, click the download button below.
  • Go to “Settings” and toggle on the option that says “Unknown Sources.” on your mobile phone.
  • Now Tap on the downloaded file.
  • Then Tap on “Install”
  • All done! Enjoy it.


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your old messaging app or give it a fun new look, then the Emoji Keyboard APK is perfect. This keyboard will allow you to customize how emojis appear on your device and even has over 100 different fonts that can be used as well.

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You don’t have to worry about any issues with this one because it’s been customized by keeping everything and everyone in mind! So what are you waiting for? Get rid of those boring keyboards now and say hello to our customized emoji keyboard today!