Download Gacha Life Old Version APK 1.1.4 for Android Free

Gacha Life Old Version Apk

Gacha Life Old Version Apk is a Gacha game for Android. Gacha life is a Gacha game that was released in Japan and it’s now available for download on your Android device!

Download Gacha Life Old Version APK 1.1.4 and play the Gacha Life old version apk today!

Gacha Life is a popular adventure game that rewards players who enjoy the sports genre. With Gatcha life, you can collect not only costumes but also many other things like anime characters!

If you want to get your hands on an older version of this app for free download from our site APK Mirror – all we need are some basic details about what kind of device and operating system it’s compatible with (android/ios).

What is Gacha Life APK?

Gacha Life Old Version Apk

We know you’re ready! Have a journey with anime-styled characters and dress them up in your favorite outfits.

Design hundreds of shirts, dresses, hairstyles or weapons once you have designed the character yourself – create any scene using these customizable heroes from anywhere within Studio mode’s world map (and even online).

Get lost exploring what possibilities there are when this game comes alive for hours on end…

The newest Life mode will allow you to explore different areas and meet new friends along the way. Learn more about NPCs by chatting with them, and maybe even get a surprise!

Get rare gifts from Gacha for your collection as you play favorite mini-games in this fun experience that has no end whatsoever – how long does it take? Start today at!

Features of Gacha Life Old Version APK

  1. Why not dress up your characters with the latest anime fashion?A lot of people do and we should too!
  2. Customize your look! Change the way you wear make-up and more.
  3. Fresh new items, poses and more that have never been seen at Gacha Studios.
  4. You can now create your own scenes in studio mode!
  5. Skit Maker is the perfect way to create your own stories.
  6. You can play offline no need to internet.
  7. Collect and make 100 gifts to add at least one new item your collection!


Who says you can’t dress up your characters like the coolest anime kids? With these new clothes and accessories, it is now easier than ever to create a ripped outfit for any occasion. This includes torn hats that will be sure to make heads turn wherever we go!

To create a more customized look, you can change your hairstyle and even your eye color!

Gacha Studio is not your average gatcha game. With new items, poses, and more never seen before in the Gachaverse this year’s Christmas release will leave you wanting for more!


Studio Mode is a great way to get creative with your favorite characters! You can create custom text and choose from many different poses, this means that you are able to make sketches quickly.


This is an offline game you can play without an internet connection. Chat with other characters and learn about their lives.

It’s a fantastic way to get some fresh air in this technological age of ours, so go on – explore the town while avoiding monsters or just find out what people are saying around the corner at school (eavesdropping doesn’t count)!

Complete Gacha:

In 2012, the most popular Japanese video game was Gacha life old apk. Throughout this series of games, players collect items and as you get more rare ones they’ll reward your loot pool with something even better!

Box Gacha

In this cute little game, you are required to spend your hard-earned coins in order for the chance at getting something good. The fewer items there are inside that box though…well let’s just say they won’t be able get their grubby paws on anything too valuable!

Re-draw gacha

Gachas are a way for players to get crazy with their luck by re-rolling and respinning when they roll the dice.

Consecutive gacha:

The best way to get rare items in an online game is by spending money. In this type of gacha, the amount you spend on gambling becomes exponentially more likely for a win if it’s combined with continuous spinning and rolling from the slot machine!

Step-up Gacha

The children enjoyed this very much. The game is actually free to play, but since the user has an opportunity of winning rare items by spinning a wheel with rare prizes inside it and making that lucky spin they enjoy it even more!

There are two different types: open gachas where you can find out your chances at winning before playing; discounted ones which come once every week or month on certain days – all available only through online gaming platforms like the Gacha Life old App download link in below button.

How to Download and Install?

Download the Gacha Life Old Version APK to your device. After waiting 10 seconds, it will automatically download and install onto yours without a problem.

You can find our application in “Settings” (on Android) for approval of security measures before installing – make sure this doesn’t bother you by telling us what’s more important than an app right?


The Gacha Life Old Version APK can be downloaded directly from a third-party source. You have access to the game collection for most versions and you’re able to move them as needed, too!

Once downloaded Gacha Life Old Version Apk, there will be a Smash Vertical Theater application file on your memory card/system storage. As the name suggests this allows for old-fashioned fun in which you can smash enemies and level up without downloading anything else!


Third-party apps are not constantly checked by Google, so they can be harmful to your phone.

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Wrapping Up: 

Gacha Life Old Version Apk is the latest version of Gacha Life, but it’s also a great game for those who want to experience all that this popular app has to offer without any of the modern conveniences.

If you’re ready for an old-fashioned adventure with your favorite characters and items from yesteryear, download our free APK now! We’ve brought you your favorite games and apps.

You can always find high-quality stuff on our website or in our blog posts. When you’re ready, be sure to visit this page again to get the latest release of Gacha Life Old Version APK for Android phones.

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