MX Player Apk: Download Latest Version of MX Player Apk for Android

mx player apk

The MX Player Apk is a free video and audio player for Android devices that can play almost any type of media file.

It has the ability to play movies in many formats, including MKV, AVI, TS and more. mx player apk also supports subtitles from various languages such as English, French, German etc.

MX Player Apk Detail.

NameMX Player 1.39.9 Beta
File Size46.50 MB
System RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Last Update2 Days Ago
Available on Google PlayInstall from Google Play
DeveloperMX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)

MX Player Description:

mx player apk

The MX Player is a high-quality video player that enables users to play videos from different formats on their smartphones and tablets. It can be simple or difficult, depending upon the user’s preferences in terms of ads display.

The free version comes with some advertisements but there is an ad-free pro variant which one needs to purchase separately if they don’t want any ads appearing while playing files through this app.

With its simple and intuitive interface, MX Player is one of the most engaging video players. The quality of this player’s interface will give an impact on your watching experience so it important to have a good-looking app that you can easily navigate with ease.

This app supports many popular codecs and formats that you may want to play. It supports AVI, FLV, DIVX, MKV, MP4… If the app does not support a video format of your choice it will prompt you with a warning message for free installation instructions on any additional codec needed.

This app stands out with its features for subtitles. Besides video format and codec, it also supports a huge number of subtitle tracks, text coloring or styling, and more than 10 subtitle formats.

The supported include SMI/SRT/IDX/MPL TXT SUB SSA among many others. Another great feature is gestures which allow you to move the text on-screen better sync when the timing isn’t correct.

A setback of this app is a lack of a playlist features. If you like to watch more than one video in a day, then leaving it running while doing other tasks such as driving or working can be an issue.

MX Player APK Latest Version – Features

I love how easy it is to use the video player in this app. It has a great gesture control system, making videos effortless and enjoyable. For example, you can pinch to zoom or scroll for brightness/volume on either side of your screen.

I also enjoy that whenever I’m watching my favorite show there’s an option where it will pop out onto my home screen just like Netflix does with their “continue playing” feature.

There are tons more features included so if anything ever goes wrong during playback they have enough options to help fix any problems!

1. Supports all types of Video format

With MX Player, it is easy to run any video. It supports all formats of video and has a great user interface that makes the experience enjoyable.

Sometimes you may face audio issues as well as other technical difficulties with running specific videos or codecs on your device; if this happens, we highly recommend downloading both the full version (MX Player AIO Zip) along with its embedded codec file (APK).

2. Kid’s Lock

This feature keeps kids safe by locking at the last point you watched. Once they open it again, children can start from where they left off to prevent accidental misuse of devices and apps containing mature content.

3. Subtitle Gestures

With MX Player, you can add subtitles to all your videos. You’ll love the easy-to-use subtitle gestures!

4. Other types of Gestures

The video player has four gestures to make it easy for the user. They are pinch-to-zoom, sliding up or down on screen, changing videos by moving your fingers across the display and double-tapping anywhere in order to watch a specific part of what you’re watching again.


  • Free app
  • Full-format support
  • Full-format support for subtitles


  • The playlist feature is not available.

How to Use

The interface of the app is compatible with smartphones and tablets. To access this, one must swipe down from the top edge on either device to bring up their navigation or notification bars.

The other well-designed aspects include a lock button that prevents accidental swipes, various viewing modes (including stretch 100% fit), and rotation compatibility based on system settings for Android devices. Finally, file browsing in this app runs very smoothly!

Final Words.

Conclusion paragraph: The MX player apk is a great free video and audio player for Android devices that can play almost any type of media file.

It has the ability to play movies in many formats, including MKV, AVI, TS, and more. Plus it supports subtitles from various languages such as English, French, German, etc., which makes understanding foreign films much easier!

If you’re looking for an app like this one on your phone or tablet (or even if you don’t have an Android device), we’ve got quite a few other multimedia players available right here on our website. Which ones do you use? Let us know below so we can chat about them!

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